Chris Gore (speaker and writer on the topic of independent film) was born on September 5, 1965

Christopher Patrick "Chris" Gore is a speaker and writer on the topic of independent film. He is the main writer and the founder of Film Threat, a project dedicated to covering independent and underground movies which he started in 1985. He was also the editor in chief of Videogames Magazine from 1993-1995. During this time, he also made his first television appearances on the Jones Computer Network, the network television precursor to ZDTV, as an editorialist and commentator on the state of video games and society. He appears on the G4 television program Attack of the Show. Previously, he did a film-related segment on a the weekly FX series, The X Show, and was the host and moderator of The New Movie Show with Chris Gore, also on FX, in 2000, where a panel mixed between critics and celebrity guests reviewed movies. G4 then based a recurring gag in an August 2010 episode of Attack of the Show on the murder of Chris Gore, bringing up three potential murderers each furthering the idea that his movies are horrible and that everyone wanted to kill him.